Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are effective as of June 19th, 2006.
General Terms of Use
Since is a free service of Projectories Project Management, unless otherwise mentioned in this document, the terms of use that govern this site will be the same as the terms of use.

Use of Email Addresses
The site will not sell your email address to anyone. Period.

We may send you an occasional email with special coupons for the project management web-app which sponsors this site. These are intended to give loyal users a chance to try Projectories with low risk. These coupons will ONLY be sent upon the release of new levels up until all levels have been released. At that time we will never send you more than one email per month, and at any time you may opt out of these emails. It is highly unlikely that we will send emails nearly that often.

No Spamming Policy
You agree not to use, or attempt to use, this site in order to deliver unsolicited email. Our system takes measures to attempt to prevent spamming from this site, and any circumvention of these methods to send out spam is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be spamming, your account will be instantly disabled and you will be liable for any damages caused by the spamming. Some of the measures we take to prevent spamming include:
  • Requiring users to confirm their email addresses before they create an account. This prevents email-address 'spoofing' and increases accountability.
  • Use of image-passcodes on the registration form to prevent automated signups. By making sure that the registrant is likely human, this prevents bulk-registration by robots and scripts.
  • Limiting the number of emails sent to addresses other than your own. By capping the number of mails to other addresses, email-spamming campaigns are rendered useless.

Please contact Projectories customer & technical support with any questions regarding this agreement.